Therapies Provided for Opioid Use Disorder

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Proudly serving the Wausau community, our methadone clinic provides adults struggling with addiction the ability to recover from heroin, oxycodone, Percocet, and other opiates.

Our Therapeutic Treatments

Therapeutic Treatments for Opioid Abuse

In addition to the medications we offer to our patients in order for them overcome the physical components of addiction, Wausau Comprehensive Treatment Center proudly provides patients with the therapeutic interventions required to address and treat the emotional aspects of chemical dependency. We truly believe that in order for patients to receive the treatment necessary to lay the foundation for long-term recovery, individuals must take part in a comprehensive treatment approach that tackles both the physical and emotional factors of addiction. By gaining a deeper understanding of what may have led individuals to turn to opioids in the first place, our team of highly trained counselors can appropriately address and treat the root causes of our patients’ addictions. When a comprehensive treatment approach is utilized, the risk of relapse is substantially reduced. By incorporating therapeutic interventions alongside of our medication assisted treatment program, Wausau Comprehensive Treatment Center provides patients with the highest chances of long-lasting recovery.

Our Therapeutic Interventions

Therapeutic Interventions for Opioid Abuse

Many individuals turn to opioids and other substances as a way of coping with stressors and emotional turmoil. If stress and emotional strife is not dealt with in an appropriate manner, patients are likely to remain addicted to drugs or relapse should these factors remain present, unaddressed, and untreated. To avoid relapse and to complement the medication assisted treatment provided, Wausau Comprehensive Treatment Center provides patients with the following therapeutic interventions to help treat opioid addiction:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy

The highly trained counselors at Wausau Comprehensive Treatment Center are specially trained in the field of addiction and provide patients with compassionate and individualized care. The frequency in which patients will take part in both individual and group therapy will vary depending on the needs and treatment requirements of each individual patient.

Please contact Wausau Comprehensive Treatment Center today to speak with one of our knowledgeable intake experts regarding the treatment options available. If you or someone you love is battling an opioid addiction, Wausau Comprehensive Treatment Center is here to help you achieve the drug-free future that you are capable of living.