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Learn Why Medication-Assisted Treatment Really Works

Wausau Comprehensive Treatment Center: Methadone & Suboxone Clinic

Hello and welcome! Thank you for taking the time to visit Wausau Comprehensive Treatment Center’s website. If you are visiting this site, then it is likely that you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to opioids. Visiting our website and learning more about the treatment options available through Wausau Comprehensive Treatment Center is an excellent first step on the road towards recovery. Our team of highly qualified professionals is here to assist you or you or someone you care about transition from a life consumed by opioid addiction into a happy, healthy individual who is no longer bound to the chains of addiction.

Attempting to overcome an addiction to opioids, such as heroin or prescription painkillers, without the aid of knowledgeable professionals is an extremely overwhelming and difficult task. By taking part in treatment through Wausau Comprehensive Treatment Center, you will be teaming up with a staff of physicians, counselors, and nurses who support and treat you throughout the entire recovery process in a safe and effective manner. Our highly individualized, comprehensive medication assisted treatment is suitable for individuals aged 18 and older who are struggling with an addiction to opioids. By combining safe and effective prescription medications with therapeutic interventions, patients are provided with the tools necessary to achieve and maintain long-term recovery. Once enrolled in treatment at Wausau Comprehensive Treatment Center, patients will experience the physical relief from symptoms of withdrawal and a decrease in cravings for additional opioids. Once the physical aspects of addiction are diminished, patients achieve the mental clarity that is required to successfully take part in therapeutic interventions.

To learn more about the medications prescribed in treatment and the therapeutic interventions available to our patients, please contact one of our admissions experts today. Wausau Comprehensive Treatment Center is here to make an opioid-free future a reality to all who come for care.


My addiction tore my life apart. Coming to Wausau Treatment Center has helped me to put everything back together. I have made so many positive changes and continue to work on improving my life and my recovery today.

- Patient in Wausau